Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

So with four of the major 11 holidays approaching, how can you prevent theft against your car?
1. Have an anti-theft device or alarm system on the car. When a vehicle is purchased make sure it has an anti-theft device or alarm system on it.
2. Always lock the car doors. Lock the doors even if you are entering your residence to grab that one item you forgot to take on your way out of the door. Theft can happen in matters of seconds.
3. Keep your windows up. Having the doors locked will not help you if the windows are left down. With the windows up and the doors locked you will prevent personal belongings and even the car itself from being stolen.
4. Do not leave personal items in the car in plain site. Never leave property inside of an unattended vehicle. Items that thieves will break into your automobile for are purses, shopping bags, backpacks, etc.
5. Do not leave the car keys in the ignition! Sometimes when we are in a hurry we might forget and leave the keys in the ignition. If you do this you are making it way too easy for the thief to steal your vehicle.
6. Have your windows tinted. The thief will have to try and peer into the car to figure out how to break in and what is inside.
7. Get an aftermarket anti-theft device. The most popular is the device that locks around your steering wheel, this is commonly known as The Club.
8. Do not leave a vehicle on and unattended. Never leave your car running unattended, not even for a second. If you are running into a store for two minutes, turn your car off and take your keys with you.
9. Do not leave a spare key where a thief can find it. It is very common for one to have a spare key under the car, this is not recommended. Too many people have used this trick to prevent locking themselves out of their car. So by removing it, you might get locked out of your car but you’re preventing loosing your whole vehicle.
10. Park in a public place with plenty of light. The more eyes on your car, the more difficult for a thief to do anything to it. A car is more likely to get stolen if it is parked in a dark area where a their can slink up to the car.
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Toyota of Newnan wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!

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