Hot Weather Driving Tips

When thermometers are hitting over a hundred degrees all overAmericaduring the dog days of summer, you might be concerned about constant warnings of heat stroke or dehydration.  However, did you know heat can do as much damage as extreme cold to your car? That’s why Toyota of Newnan wants to offer these Hot Weather Driving Tips.

1.  First, and probably most importantly is your battery!  You probably know that cold weather can cause a battery to fail, but did you know extreme heat can do the same damage?  If you haven’t checked your battery recently, take a peek under the hood and check for cracks or any corrosion on your battery.  Also make sure the battery is securely mounted because connections can rattle loose and leave you with a non-working car.

2. The coolant in your radiator plays an important role in keeping your engine from overheating, so in during the extremely hot days, coolant levels can run low and cause your engine to overheat.  Keep in mind, though, that you should not attempt to replace radiator coolant until the engine has thoroughly cooled down from driving, as overheated steam and fluid could be released, causing burns.

3.  Before you go for a drive, check the air level in your tires!  Low tire pressure can cause excessive friction and cause damage to your tires, leading to a flat over time.  The opposite can also be harmful as well.  Overinflated tires will expand with friction and heat, and could very easily blow out while driving.  So make sure your tires are at the correct pressure, and remember to have a spare ready, just in case!

4. Let’s not forget about an important asset: your air conditioning system!  When temperatures are in the hundreds, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning air conditioner.  If yours is broken, consider bringing it in to a certified technician at Toyota of Newnan and having it fixed, as excessive heat can cause dehydration and other heat related issues for you.  Plus, no one wants to be sweating in there car! Also, while you are having your air conditioning serviced, ask them to replace the cabin air filter if it hasn’t been replaced in the last 6 months.
Unfortunately, even the best plans go wrong.  In case of a breakdown, stock your car with some basic equipment to help you get unstuck.  Always keep a spare tire or patching kit, jumper cables, and beacons or flares in case of low visibility.  We hope that with these tips you can battle this heat and stay safe.  Have a great summer everyone!

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