Back to School Safety and Carpool Tips

As people everywhere enjoy this wonderful summer, parents and children alike are faced with the thought of the school year slowly looming on the horizon.  However, we hope with these back to school tips, that your school year will be less worrisome, and maybe even a little bit fun! 

With a majority of 54 percent of children traveling to school in a private automobile, there are a few reminders parents should observe when transporting children to school.  Small children should always make use of approved safety seats, and all children under the age of 13 should always ride in the rear seat of vehicles to prevent injuries in case of an accident. For teens driving themselves to school, or with siblings, parents should take an initiative to help prevent distractions that could lead to an accident.  Many crashes occur when teen drivers are commuting to and from school, so have a talk with your teen and make sure they understand the dangers of texting while driving as well as limiting the number of friends in the car.  Even though these measures may seem small, they can save lives.

At 30 percent, the next most popular mean of transportation for school age children is the school bus.  Car pooling in school-provided buses provides an easy way to help the environment.  Carpooling lessens the emmision of pollution and with bus stops near you, schools make it easy for children to safely get to school.  If your child walks to a bus stop alone, find a buddy for your child to walk with, as there is always safety in numbers.  Also, make sure your child stays out of the street while waiting for the bus, and when exiting, walks quickly onto the sidewalk  to get out of traffc. 

If your child walks or bikes to school, make sure they have a buddy, and always respects traffic signs.  If traveling on a road with heavy traffic, have your child wear bright or reflective clothing during the morning when visiblilty can be low.  If your child bikes, make sure they wear a helmet at all times, and that the bike is equiped with required reflectors.  A childs backpack should never weigh more than 20 percent of their body weight, and always use both shoulder straps, as added strain can cause curvature of the spine and muscle strains. 

Owning a safe vehicle is also very important to you and your child’s safety. Yearly, the IIHS picks the safest vehicles on the market;  and here at Toyota of Newnan, we are proud to say we have five models, including the top rated 2011 Toyota Sienna SE minivan and the 2011 Toyota Camry, that are rated on this list for outstanding safety features.

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  1. Thank you for your safety posting. As a parent and police officer, I wanted to inform you and your readers with a few Back to School Safety Resources.

    Children going back to school this year is a serious concern to all parents and educators. With more than 50% of all students being bullied at one time or another, more than 500,000 internet predators surfing the web at any given time, seeking who’s profile they can attach a school or address to, parents must become more proactive in teaching their children how to be safe more than ever. Because of this, Carrington Books have provided a variety of free books and other online materials at: to help teachers and parents to teach their students how to say yes to safety.

    The Student Safety Tips series at that site was written by an award winning police officer and is filled with things that students and their parent can do to increase the students overall opportunity to stay safe. They martial will be available online for free during the entire month of September 2011.

    Administrators and Educators are encouraged to help provide each of their parents with information concerning these much needed resources.

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