The Best Ride For Man’s Best Friend


Are you and your family planning a road-trip with the company of your dog? Toyota of Newnan would like to know if you’ve planned on how to travel safely with Fido. Here are some travel tips to make your trip safe and comfortable for your cherished dog:

#1) Make sure you secure your dog properly. It is just as important to buckle up your pup as it is to buckle up your child. You can purchase a pet restraint for you vehicle at any pet large pet supply store.

#2) Take breaks often! I know that you are anxious to make it to your destination but it is important to give your dog enough breaks to stretch out, relieve itself and eat. It’s not a good idea to let your dog eat while the vehicle is in motion, as this will often upset its stomach. Keep water handy for your furry companion on the ride too!

#3) Dogs get bored too! Provide your pup with some entertainment for the ride. Bring a toy and any object that provides comfort to your dog. This will help prevent doggy boredom and/or anxiety.

#4) Pack a doggy travel kit. Include toys, dog treats, water, first aid materials and any medications needed. This will help ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

#5) Prepare your pet! If your puppy has any travel issues or anxiety, discuss with your vet ideas and remedies that may help ensure to keep Fido happy, calm and comfortable on your road-trip. Try practicing these  ideas on shorter rides prior to your trip to see which works best for you and your dog.

#6) Look into purchasing a dog ramp, as it is better for your pup’s legs and joints when entering and exiting a vehicle.

 Another suggestion is to look into having a vehicle with dog-friendly features. Why not try a Toyota Sienna or its number one-ranked, dog friendly cousin since 09, the Toyota Venza? Fido Friendly magazine selected the Toyota Sienna as one of the best choices for a “Fido-Friendly” vehicle in 2011.  With it’s versatile interior and tri-zone climate control, this ride provides your furry friend with plenty of space and extra comfort. Check out Toyota of Newnan today to find pet-friendly vehicles for your family.


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