National Car Care Month


In honor of National Car Care Month, Toyota of Newnan would like to provide you with some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for Spring.

1.)  Clean Your vehicle thoroughly, inside and out. Powerwash the undercarriage, use engine cleaner and a hose for the engine, and hand wash the exterior with quality automobile soap. Vacuum the interior and use brand-name interior auto cleaners for other surfaces. Also, spray a fabric deodorizer to keep your vehicle smelling fresh. Windex the windows as well. Keep your vehicle looking in top-notch physical condition!

2.)  Check the battery connection for corrosion. Battery terminals can be cleaned with vinegar, and a toothbrush. A coat of dielectic grease will help keep the terminals clean as well.

3.)  Start the spring with new air filters and fresh fluids. Check your oil, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid and change if needed. Fresh Fluids and filters will improve your vehicles’s performance, and increase your fuel mileage. Remember to dispose of these fluids properly.

4.)  Examine the belts and hoses for soft spots and signs of cracking.

5.)  Change winter tires to summer tires, and inspect tires for uneven wear patterns  and sidewall damage. Change if needed.

6.)  Inspect your vehicle’s brakes, exhaust system, and suspension for any damage or wear-down.

7.)  Have your air-conditioning system serviced in order to be prepared for those hot temperatures!

If you are unable to perform the above tasks or notice any damage to your vehicle, take it to a good repair shop.  To provide better and more trustworthy service, check that the shop you are considering employs ASE-Certified Technicians and is a member of a trade association or AAA approved. Also see if the shop uses brand-name parts as they are better quality and usually include warranties. Test the shop’s integrity, competence, and reliability by starting with simple repairs and always get EVERYTHING IN WRITING.  Toyota of Newnan wishes you a safe Spring!


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