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Ease Stress Through De-cluttering with these Six Helpful Hints.

Do you ever feel anxious when you walk into a disorganized room? Find it hard to concentrate on a task because of the mess around you? Take forever to locate an item because it got lost amongst the clutter? You are not alone! As our lives get busier and busier, it is so easy to just set things down with the intent to ‘deal with it later’. Yet, ‘later’ rarely seems to happen…

And now studies show clutter contributes to stress. And stress is affiliated with so many bad things– insomnia, weight gain, heart disease, to name just a few…  So how can you break this cycle?  Here are a few tips to help tame the clutter and bring some peace back into your life:

Work on it 15 minutes a day. No need to tackle the whole house at once. If you consistently work on it a little each day, it makes what may seem like an impossible task more manageable.

Set up purging rules, and stick to them. How do you decide what is clutter? Have you used it in the past year? Do you need it? Do you love it? Set up your parameters, then use them to make the tough decisions. Don’t keep something out of guilt (‘so and so’ gave that to me, I paid a lot for that, I might need it one day…) – if it’s clutter, get rid of it.

Have sorting containers ready. Once you determine what is clutter, then what? If you gather together and label some boxes, bins, or bags ahead of time, then you can sort as you go. Try having one for donations, one for yard sale items (if you decide to go that route), one for things that are keepers but belong in another area, and one for trash.  Now you can sort as you go. But word of caution, once full, be sure these containers are dealt with promptly. Otherwise they themselves become clutter.

Enlist the help of a friend.  Ask them to help you make the decisions. They see things with fresh eyes, and may give you some perspective. Plus it won’t feel as much like a chore.

Remove all items and start with a clean slate. Dump out the drawer. Clear off the desk. Take everything from the shelf. It can be hard to see the possibilities of each area while it is full of stuff. So if room and time permit, totally clean out what is to be de-cluttered , then sort and only put back the items you love and use. 

Containerize. As you de-clutter, set up mini zones throughout your house where you group all items needed for a particular task together, in the place where used. Choose containers  whose shape will corral these like items, and whose style adds dimension to your room. But remember you must first purge, as even organized clutter is still clutter.




Sharon Rogers, NMT     770.328.9459  Call for your free 45 min introductory coaching session.Professional Health and Wellness Coach,  Neuromuscular Therapist,  Owner– GNC

Disclaimer: The information and concepts presented are for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advise, treatment, and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional, or substitute for a physician’s care.


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