Toyota: Our Technologies. Your Ideas.


Ideas for Good

Toyota Motor continues to build it’s reputation with a campaign using the theme “Ideas for good,” which will seek suggestions from consumers. Big ideas are bigger than cars. Toyota has proved this time and time again by sharing big inventions with the world outside of cars. Everybody has a few good ideas, and Toyota wants to help make some of them a reality. So we’re sharing some of our most innovative technologies with you in the hope that you’ll share your good ideas to improve the world.

The campaign, to be introduced on Monday, invites consumers to come up with new ways to use five existing Toyota Motor technologies, like the advanced parking guidance system that is available on the Toyota Prius; a lifelike human model, nicknamed Thums, that the company’s engineers employ in crash tests; and a solar-powered ventilation system, also from the Prius.

The intent, in other words, is to come up with ideas to use automotive technologies outside the realm of cars and trucks. Toyota Motor is pledging that it will try to bring to fruition the five best ideas submitted by consumers, as judged by an independent panel.

The goal of the campaign is “showing how we can improve the quality of life” of consumers, beyond what its products contribute, said Bill Fay, group vice president for marketing at Toyota Motor Sales USA in Torrance, California.

Beginning on Monday, consumers can go to a section of the Toyota Web site to learn more about the five technologies. They will have until Feb. 28 to submit ideas and one winner in each of the five technology categories could have their idea become a reality. Winners will be determined by a formula based on input from our panel of gurus and the general public.  The judges will narrow the submissions to 25 and those will be announced in April. Toyota is going to let the community vote to pick the five winners sometime in May or June. The winners will get their pick of a new 2011 Prius, 2011 Venza or 2011 Highlander Hybrid.

The company has not earmarked a specific amount of money to help bring the winning ideas to life, Mr. Zeinstra said. “Instead, we’ll see what the ideas are and budget around that.” Together we can do some real good and make a difference we couldn’t have made alone.

Source: The New York Times: Business Day, Media & Advertising 11/8/2010

Toyota’s website / Challenge link:



  1. nice toyota post, i love this

  2. I’m cody laflamme i was thinking if you were to make a plow for a truck with a heated blade at the bottom so it could cut through any ice and snow but using solar pannels protected by somthing like plexiglass so the pannels wouldn’t crack. i live in new england and with all the snow and ice we have been getting this would be a great idea. a plow that operates without battery and with a heated blade. you would have to give it a fast cool down process so nobody would get burned after the fact of plowing. go toyota.

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