Real People, Real Stories…

Customer testimonials can tell you so much about what it’s really like to be a customer at Toyota of Newnan.  This is the first in a series of interviews with actual Toyota of Newnan customers.  Meet the Scarbrough family…

Not only did they buy one new car from Toyota of Newnan, they bought two.  After totaling their car in an accident in 2007 the Scarbroughs did their research and purchased a new Toyota Camry.  After comparing the Camry to the Honda Accord, they felt their choice was simple – “The Toyota Camry is more value for the money than the Honda Accord”.

Their second, and most recent, purchase from Toyota of Newnan was a new Toyota Tundra.  After taking one home overnight for a trial run, they ended up purchasing their new Tundra the next day.

Toyota of Newnan gave them, as we do all our customers, a welcoming experience for the entire family and made them feel right at home.  We feel, as do the Scarbroughs, that the “Walternative” is a different kind of car buying experience that makes our customers feel welcomed, by the owner himself, and completely satisfied with all aspects of the sales and service experience.

Check back soon for the next installment of “Real People, Real Stories…” or come in to Toyota of Newnan and see for yourself.


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